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Over a decade of experience in designing electronics and developing solutions to oil and gas with our partners have given us a steady foothold in the oil market. Over 2 million operating hours without field failures gives us a leader position on providing reliable electronics for subsea installations. Creowave is the supplier of electronics to MPM multiphase meters.

Our headquarters are located in Oulu. All of our operations happen under one roof, from research and development to production and testing.

The wide scale testing facilities available enable our products to be thoroughly tested in each step of the development and production processes.

Our focus is:

  • Wireless Data Transfer

  • Device Planning

  • Productizing Innovations

  • Creating quality products that are effortless and accessible


We cater especially to measurement and data collection systems for upstream production facilities. However, we are problem solvers and always interested in finding new strategic partners to do business with.

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An overview of Creowave Company Profile 

Creowave Workstation
Creowave R7
Creowave Kit
Creowave S7
Creowave Testing
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