The DTC IP Mesh provides stable, high-speed data links in difficult communication environments. This enables the control, monitoring and visualization of autonomous and automated machinery. The IP Mesh Network provides low latency Non-Line of Site (NLOS) communications in both Surface and Sub Surface environments, enabling vital connections between mine decision makers, the autonomous equipment they monitor, operators and the sensors throughout the site.


DTC IP Mesh technology is uniquely suited to solve the communication challenges of working in a Sub Surface mining environment where the requirement for reliable, high bandwidth communication links is critical. DTC Tactical COFDM waveforms utilise multipath reflections to enable superior NLOS communication performance to achieve reliable communications in dynamic mining scenarios. Due to the superior RF propagation performance of COFDM when utilised within a tunnel environment both RF performance and range is greatly extended. Live trials in numerous mines and Tunnels have recorded in excess of 8Km node to node.


DTC Mesh can form a seamless, self-forming, self-healing network that allows dynamic deployment of additional nodes to increase range deep into

side tunnels and round multiple bends. The Mesh can act as a standalone private RF network for operational sensor data and monitoring or as an

extension to existing communications networks by creating an integrated flat IP architecture.

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