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Mercury WA42

Temperature Sensor Panel

Temperature Measurement





Attendance Management



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Infrared Temperature Sensor

High Resolution


The Mercury WA42 helps secure your most important asset, your people. It is an intelligent all-in-one terminal that is capable of scanning a person’s body temperature and allows businesses to quickly and efficiently detect and screen individuals who may enter your premises with an elevated body temperature.


  • Rapid Detection. The WA42 terminal is able to read an individual’s temperature in less than a second.


  • Audible and Verbal Alerts. Programmable external alarms are given if high temperature or invalid facial scan is detected.


  • Total Non-contact Operation. Using our unique AI algorithm can scan accurately with or without a face mask.


  • Easy Plug and Play operation. The WA42 terminal is active in less than 1 minute from power up

Waves Mercury WA42 Temperature Sensor Panel - Thermal Solution

Technical Features

Top infrared imaging technology:
Non-contact rapid temperature measurement
with accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃

Leading mask recognition algorithm:
Self-developed deep learning mask algorithm
with high recognition accuracy

Real-time face recognition:
10000+ face comparison database, binocular live detection,

accurate, millisecond-level face detection and comparison

Flexible deployment:
Multiple options such as independent offline,
LAN or cloud deployment

Face Manager Platform:

Allows access to external storage of customer/employee records to
enable real-time database comparison

Reference Sites

Intelligent Terminal

Remote monitoring of multiple terminals.

Relay output for connection to turnstiles, doors access control, etc.

Internal or external audible/visual alarm.

Multiple mount options available.

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Wall Mounts.png

Unique Features & Applications

  • The AI (artificial intelligence) technology does more than simply capture the body temperature. The intelligent algorithm can identify whether a person is wearing a face mask or not.

  • Integration with door access control system. The intelligent terminal can be used for entrances in office buildings, healthcare facilities, aged care and other restricted sites by using the facial recognition technology to grant access to authorized individuals. The output relay on the WA42 terminal can be easily interfaced to security door control to ensure only people with temperature in the normal range is permitted to gain access to your premises.

  • Each WA42 terminal can store up to 10,000 images and using facial recognition technology can grant or deny entry into your premises when interfaced with the access control system.

  • Effective Attendance Management and an alternative to fingerprint based technologies. Businesses can utilize the WA42 terminal to ensure all staff member are within safe temperature ranges before commencing their shifts.

  • Suitable For Aged Care, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Retail, Hospitality, Public Events, Factories and many more.


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