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Amphenol Procom consist of the former Procom, Jaybeam and Skymasts brands; with manufacturing in Denmark and the UK, we serve a wide range of market segments such as Public Safety, Aviation, Telecom, Hazardous Environments, IOT, Transportation and Industry. 

We have more than 7000 products in our portfolio, mainly covering base station antennas, portable & mobile antennas, combiners, filters and DAS solutions. Amphenol Procom has three sales subsidiaries and a network of dealers covering the globe, and we also work directly with a number of large international customers within the industry.

Within professional wireless communications, your ability to provide dependable networks is crucial; for mission critical communications, the quality of the network can be a matter of life and death. At Amphenol Procom, we are committed to provide solutions that can be trusted no matter how extreme the environment, or how complex the solution might be. Our mission is simply to: “deliver the world’s most trusted and flexible solutions for professional wireless communication where connectivity and dependability are critical”

Your network relies on the quality of every one of its components; if one goes down, it can take the rest with it. That’s why our products are built for quality and tested to the extreme - so that your communications are not compromised under any circumstances.

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Rugged panel antenna
CXL130 1LW
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