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Since its establishment in 2014, Telo Systems has been growing rapidly in the field of critical communications. Our innovative broadband push-to-talk and body cam products have been supplied to more than 50 countries globally, delivering great satisfaction to our customers. We serve a variety of sectors including public safety, private security, utilities, transportation and more.

At Telo we understand that the PMR industry is critical for maintaining a safe world, and see the massive potential for its development in parallel with broadband and internet technology. Our aim is to take advantage of this technology and integrate it with traditional PMR form factors, thus providing innovative and valuable solutions to our channel partners and customers.

Telo consists of a young, deeply professional, team which is profoundly dedicated to its customers. Our R&D team focuses on developing products that can bring real value, while our manufacturing team maintains the highest standards to produce cutting-edge tough devices. Our technical support team works around the clock to solve any problems that our customers might have, with our sales people providing on-site training and sales support.

We believe that the best way to succeed is to grow together with our customers. Come and be part of our global success!


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Telo Console Products
T2 Body Worn Camera
Telo Docking Station - 6 Cams
Harness & Mount Kits
Dock Epaulette
Docking station and VES
Telo Mobile M5
LWTE580 charger
LWTE580 audio kits
TE 590
LWTE580 microphone
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